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Related article: Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 10:00:16 -0700 (PDT) From: Jon D Subject: After the Kiss - 2 (Revised)Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and as such is a product of my imagination, not real life. It will include descriptions of sexual situations between young friends, but no real boy's were involved.If material of this kind offends you or you are not age eighteen or older, then please stop reading Nifty and find some other site. All others please enjoy! You are welcome to send comments or story ideas to After the KissChapter 2Hunter Thompson was mortified. The new boy in his swim class, Devon Samuels, had dropped his swimsuit to the floor, toweled himself off and had just begun putting on his underwear when he noticed Hunter staring at his rear end.At thirteen, boys are curious, especially when it comes to other boys in a locker room. But Hunter was more than just naturally curious. Since February he had become almost obsessed with looking at guys. It had started with a crush on his older brother Jordan; Hunter couldn't explain what it was that had drawn him to his brother, but something had. Perhaps it was that Jordan was everything that Hunter wanted to be. The more he had thought about his brother, the more fixated he had become.Over the next several months however, doubt had taken over. Hunter couldn't deny his feelings for his brother, but he was confused. Then one day it had become clear that Jordan was totally straight. Hunter still held out a faint hope, but deep down he knew nothing else romantic would ever happen. He still wore some of Jordan's clothes when he could get away with it if for no other reason than to feel close to him. By the start of summer vacation Hunter had come to another realization, that he really wasn't at all interested in girls.Now, he'd been caught a boy.Hunter quickly gathered up his things from his locker, slammed the door shut with his elbow and with his arms full made a mad dash for the door. He didn't take time to put on his shoes, shirt, or shorts. His wet swimsuit felt cold and clammy but it would have to do. He needed to get out of there, and fast.As Hunter hurried around the corner of the changing room and toward the front door, he heard Devon call his name."Shit," Hunter cursed Lolitas Bbs Pedo softly and looked back. Luckily Devon was still in the locker room, the hallway behind him was empty.Thankfully, Hunter's mom was early and was waiting in the parking lot.Hunter rushed to the black SUV, pulled the passenger side rear door open, and threw his stuff onto the floor. He jumped in, crouching low in the seat. He rose up just enough to look out the window to make sure he wasn't followed."Hi, honey, did you have a good time at the pool?" Mrs. Thompson asked as she turned to look into the back seat."Ah, yeah, it was ok," Hunter mumbled, still hunkered down. "Could we get going now? I'm kinda in a hurry," he asked with another nervous glance out the window.Mrs. Thompson chuckled, "Okay, but what's the rush?"Hunter knew he had to think fast. "Uh, I have to poop! Really bad!"His mom rolled her eyes. "Well if you got a go, you got to go!" she chuckled softly and started the car.Hunter relaxed as they finally pulled out of the lot. There was no sign of Devon.* * * *Safely in his room with the door locked and the curtains drawn, Hunter finally calmed down. His stomach was still uneasy, but his heart wasn't pounding like it had before."What if he tells on me?" Hunter thought as he paced back and forth. "Everybody will think I'm a perv."Hunter thought it was bad enough that he looked at boys on the computer, but now he was even sneaking peeks at kids in the locker room. "I am a perv," he groaned and flopped onto his bed.* * * *Hunter stayed in his room all afternoon. At one point he pulled back his bedspread, crawled into bed, and pulled the covers over his head. He must have dozed off because the next thing he knew he heard his mom calling."Hunter! Time for supper!" she hollered. "It's your turn to set the table."Hunter wiped the sleep from his eyes, got out of bed, and only then realized he was still in his swimsuit. He went to his dresser, pulled out clean underwear and stripped down. The swimsuit smelled of chlorine and he knew he should toss it in the tub and rinse it out, but there wasn't time, so he just dropped it on the floor. He looked down at his dick. He couldn't help thinking about the trouble he was in. He slowly pulled his briefs up over his butt and made sure his junk was snuggly in place. The fact that they were soft and dry felt good after having been in a wet swim suit most of the day.There was another call from the kitchen and Hunter knew he better get a move on."Crap," he thought. "What's gonna happen tomorrow?" Just the thought of having to go back to the pool and deal with Devon took away his appetite.* * * *Devon watched as Hunter raced out of the locker room. He noted the frightened look on his face. "What's up with that?"Giving it more thought he wondered if it was because he'd seen Hunter take a peek at him as he was changing. "That couldn't be it." He shrugged. "It was no big deal," he thought as he zipped up his jeans and reached for his socks. "It was just my butt!"Devon and his mom were newcomers, having recently moved to town from Iowa. His dad had died in a car accident on the way home from work when Devon was just five so it was just him and his mom. His mother had worked in a factory until the recession hit and it had closed. Now they were starting over. Devon hadn't minded the move, there wasn't much to do in the small, rural town. Labor was cheap there, but even that hadn't been enough to keep the plant open. All the jobs had gone to Mexico. Devon often wondered what would have happened if his dad hadn't died. He really missed him. His mom was great; but, well, there were some things a boy just couldn't tell his mom about. Sometimes he needed a guy to talk to.That was why his mom had suggested swim lessons. She thought it might help him meet some friends before school started in the fall. There were also quite a few college students helping out as lifeguards. Devon thought about Jordan, his new instructor. For a lifeguard he seemed really cool. "He'd make some kid a pretty good brother," he thought as he continued to dress.Devon pulled his T-shirt over his head and gave his mop of dark hair a shake. His mom wanted him to wear it shorter, but he preferred it longer. He liked it when it was hanging over his ears with bangs that almost covered his eyes. Once, his mom had teased him that he looked like a girl when he wore it that way. "Whatever," he had sighed.Slamming the locker shut, Devon picked up his knapsack and stuffed his towel and swimsuit inside. "What am I going to do for the next hour?" he frowned, walking toward the door. The pool wouldn't open up again until 1:00 and Devon didn't have anyplace to go.* * * *Devon walked through the turnstile and then followed the sidewalk as it curved around the side of the pool and on toward the park.He had gone to the park only once before, but it had been fun. He'd named it "Monkey Park," because of the tiny zoo. A small enclosure held some farm animals that little kids could pet. A high school kid wearing a park T-Shirt and cap seemed to be in charge. Further along there was a large cage with two rows of heavy iron bars that held a docile-looking black bear. Then there was a row of other cages. The last held a pair of ostrich. In the center of it all was a pond with jets of water shooting in from the sides. Ducks and Lolitas Bbs Pedo geese lazily swam from one side to the other. Two trees perched on small man-made islands. The trees were inhabited by a half dozen small monkeys. The monkeys were the main attraction.Devon stood by and laughed as the monkeys playfully jumped from one tree to the other, swinging arm-over-arm along a rope ladder strung between them. Sometimes one would even catch a ride on the back of another monkey.A mom walked up with two little kids and started tossing pieces of bread into the water. The ducks squawked and went wild chasing after the morsels.Devon turned and headed back toward the pool. He had a sandwich in his pack and a bottle of flavored water. "Lunch time," he thought and looked for a place to sit.* * * *Dinner that night was quiet. That was unusual for the Thompson house. Hunter was typically much more talkative. This time however, he sat in near silence. Jordan filled in the void by telling their folks about their day at the pool."Hunter's starting to come along," Jordan tossed his brother a tender smile as he plopped a spoon of mashed potatoes onto his plate and then aimed his fork and stabbed at a pork chop."Do you like taking lessons, honey?" his mom asked."They're okay I guess," Hunter shrugged."We start teaching the back stroke tomorrow," Jordan offered after he took a swig of milk.Hunter squirmed. "I don't think I can do that," he whispered."Sure you can," Jordan said softly. "It's really easy once you get the hang of it.""I don't know," Hunter whispered."Trust me, it'll be fine, don't worry about it."Hunter slid a bit lower in his chair. "Easy for you to say," he thought, looking at his brother, the star athlete. "Everything's easy for you!"* * * *The table cleared, dishes in the dishwasher, and the trash emptied, Hunter was finally free to head back to his room. After locking the door he once again flopped face down on his bed. His mood was becoming gloomier. "What the fuck am I going to do?" he thought for, like, the twentieth time since the incident in the locker room. He Lolitas Bbs Pedo was worried about what Devon would say, but mostly he was embarrassed. He was now convinced he was different from other boys. The fact that he had been caught peeking confirmed it.His sad thoughts grew. Added to his worries was the news that his mom wouldn't be able to pick him up after lessons the next day. He'd have to stay at the pool until Jordan was done, thus prolonging his agony. Darkness seemed to wash over him. The knot in his stomach came back. Things just seemed to get worse and worse. Before long, Hunter couldn't hold back the tears. With a deep sob he finally broke down and cried."What's wrong with me?" he choked. He cried and cried and cried. He wiped his nose with the back of his hand but quickly broke down again. Once more he thought about what he'd done."Why couldn't I stop from looking?"Hunter curled into a ball and wrapped his arms around his legs and cried some more. He didn't have any answers to his questions, at least none that a boy in the throes of puberty could make sense of.* * * *Home safe and sound, Devon lay down on his back in bed and stared at the ceiling. The television was on in the other room. His mom had started watching a dumb old love story and Devon had decided that wasn't for him.The room had grown dark as the sun went down but Devon hadn't bothered to get up and turn on the light. He was still perplexed. He couldn't figure out why Hunter had run out of the locker room that morning. Devon hoped it wasn't something that he had done.Devon unsnapped the button of his jeans and slowly pulled his zipper down, the muffled rasping sound as his pants opened up bringing a smile to his face. Pulling the flaps apart Devon reached between his legs. He fondled his nut sack as it hung snug in his briefs. Lifting his balls, he rolled them back and forth with the tips of his fingers. His cock stirred; he loved playing with himself.Devon raised his hips off the bed and pushed his jeans down to his knees. Then he did the same thing with his underpants. The air felt cool against his now bare skin. Wrapping his hand around Lolitas Bbs Pedo his dick he slowly worked it. He hadn't been doing stuff like this for very long, so in some ways he was still learning. He discovered that if he used his thumb to gently rub just the tip of his penis it brought an instant reaction. This time was no exception. His five incher was getting stiff and now jutted straight out from his tummy. The boy slowly rubbed and teased the thing between his legs and it seemed delighted by the attention. His jeans and underpants were still in the way, so Devon paused to kick them lower. Lolitas Bbs Pedo He raised his butt off the bed a second time. Arching his back he used his feet to slide the things off.Now free from entanglements, he spread his legs wider and began stroking once again. Another thing Devon had learned in the few short months since starting to masturbate was that it didn't pay to rush things. "It's way better if you go slow," he reminded himself.While stroking with one hand, Devon played with his nuts with the other. It wasn't long before his breath was growing shallower and his heart started to beat faster. He closed his eyes and tried to think of the things that turned him on the most. Increasingly, it was cute boys with nice smiles and deep blue eyes. If they had tiny little butts, that was even better.As Devon stroked, he felt the good feelings building. He slowed for a moment in hope of making it last longer, but he was already too late. He couldn't hold things back. As the primitive urge to shoot grew, he frantically pulled on his cock harder and faster. "Oh, fuck, come on, do it!" he grunted, urging his dick to make him happy.Seconds later Devon arched his back, held his breath, and then went over the top. Three long squirts of boy cream shot into the air. The goo made a graceful ark toward his face, then fell in splatters onto his belly. A few spots even landed on his bunched up T-shirt."Ugh, ugh," Devon grunted, tugging his cock a few more times. There was a final dribble but no squirt, and then it was over, he was spent. The boy lowered his ass back onto the bed and sucked in a deep breath. "Oh, Fuuuck!" he moaned.Devon's breathing eased as he slowly came down from his wonderful, sexy high. After a long pause, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at his sticky hand."Eeeeww," he thought and carefully lifted it off his dick.A long string of cum stretched from the tip of his dick up to where he held his hand suspended above his belly button.Looking around, the teen spotted his underpants at the foot of the bed. He reached for them with his dry hand, carefully keeping the mess from spreading. He then used his underpants like a bar rag to clean his sticky hand and chest."I think this would a good time for a shower," and he got to his feet. His penis was soft and definitely seemed Lolitas Bbs Pedo worn out.As he headed for the bathroom Devon heard a commercial on the television. The announcer was listing side effects of a popular drug. "Consult your doctor for an erection lasting more than four hours. It can be a sign of a serious medical condition."Devon looked down at his limp pecker as it lazily swung from side to side, and laughed.* * * *The next morning Hunter tried to get out of going to swim lessons. But his mother had felt his forehead, made him stick his tongue out and say `ah', before pronouncing him "fine."His complaints having been quickly dismissed, he was told to "get his butt in gear and get going."The ride to the pool was agonizing. Hunter didn't say a word. All he could think about was Devon and what he'd say about yesterday's fiasco."You're pretty quiet this morning," Jordan said gently as he guided his truck through light traffic."Just thinking," Hunter mumbled."Still worried about learning the backstroke?""Nah, it isn't that.""What then?"Hunter knew that if there was anyone in the world he could tell his deepest secrets to, it was Jordan. But he was worried this was a secret that was beyond even what his brother could handle.He looked over at Jordan and bit his lower lip."You've got that look," Jordan whispered after a moment of silence."What look?" Hunter asked softly."The one you always get when you think you're in big trouble."Hunter slid lower in his seat and turned away. Hunter felt his eyes water and a tear slide down his cheek. He sniffed and a few more tears followed. "Jordan must know!"His brother pulled the truck into a store lot, put it in park, and turned the engine off. He unbuckled his seatbelt and slid over to Hunter and put his arms around him."Whatever it is can't be that bad," Jordan whispered.Hunter trembled.Jordan leaned over and gave Hunter a soft kiss on the forehead. "It's okay, you can tell me," Jordan urged.The kiss made Hunter feel worse, not better. After all it was a kiss that had started all this. He knew this time Jordan was only trying to help.Hunter looked up, his eyes wet. "I'm scared," he finally managed."About what?"Hunter looked at his brother and shook his head. "If I tell you, you'll all hate me."Jordan stared deep into Hunter's eyes. It seemed to Hunter as if his brother had a sixth sense. They often seemed to know what the other was thinking. This time was no exception."Is this about that night? The one on the couch?"More tears fell. Hunter nodded.Jordan gave Hunter a tender smile. "Come here," he whispered and pulled his brother into another hug. "Believe me, whatever you're worried about won't matter to Mom or Dad, and certainly not to me. We're always going to love you."Hunter's shoulders shook as deep sobs took over.Neither boy said anything for several minutes."You don't have to swim today if you don't want to, but I have to be there when they open. I'll take you home after that if you want."Hunter nodded.Jordan slid back over and buckled up."Jordan?""Yeah?""Thanks," Hunter sniffed.* * * *The line was already forming in front of the pool entrance when the boys pulled up. Hunter carefully looked at each kid. "He's not here yet," he thought, more than a little relieved.Jordan parked the truck in the employee area and they both got out.Hunter followed his brother a few steps behind, hoping he might just be able to slip inside unnoticed.Jordan knocked on the side door and was let in by one of the other lifeguards."Wait for me by the pop machine," he said looking back.Hunter walked toward the front. Just as he turned the corner a car pulled to the curb. He looked over just as a dark haired kid climbed out."Oh, shit," Hunter groaned.Devon turned around, seemed to spot Hunter, and gave him a look.Hunter couldn't tell what he was thinking.There was a commotion in the line as one kid shoved another out of the way and took his place. "Move it you little fairy!"The somewhat younger boy blushed as some of the older boy's friends laughed.Hunter's stomach started to hurt again. He looked back at Devon and still couldn't guess what he was thinking. Then he looked at the kid and the bully."Queer," the bully said sharply to more laughter.Hunter flinched. He felt his stomach turn and become more unsettled. Then, just as Devon reached him, it happened.Hunter's breakfast came up.* * * *I want to thank readers that have sent comments, and my editor Andrew. Any additional thoughts or comments can be sent to Thanks, Jon
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